How to Make Stunning VLOG Intros with Renderforest

If you’ve ever spent some time on youtube (no, of course, you’ve never binged), you may have spent a little more time on the channels that look incredibly professional. Like, say, 15 seconds… just enough time to marvel at the cinema-style intros.

If you are a regular contributor to youtube, you may even have felt a pang of jealousy. That must have cost a fortune! Hiring a designer is pricey, not to mention the hours spent on briefing him that you could use to actually earn some money. And finally… You don’t like it and have to start over.

Fear not! It’s 2017, and these days are over. The guys at Renderforest have prepared dozens of awesomely impressive templates to use as you wish. Just upload your logo, enter your text, and spend the next 10 hours fretting over which of the beautiful designs suits the introduction for your vlog best.

You can browse their extensive catalogue, preview right on the page, and hit „Favourite“ to decide later. Ready to check out what it looks like? In just a few minutes, your vlog has been rendered and can be viewed instantly. If you need feedback, you can download it for free and share it with friends and colleagues.

The download is in SD and will have a watermark. To get rid of it, you can buy it for as little as $ 9.99. It’s a steal! (Here’s a secret hack: see if you can find their exclusive discount codes…)

Now head over to and start playing! Your future followers await…